The BEST Ways to Keep God and His Word Close to Your Heart

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Many of us get up every day, check our phones, go to work, go home, and go to bed without once thinking of God and his word. We often imagine that to be a follower of God is just a 1 hour a week job. We go to church on Sunday, clock in, clock out, and one day we will earn up enough brownie points with God to get into heaven. But, as any true believer knows, it just isn’t that simple.

To be a tue follower of God, one must keep his word and his wisdom close to their heart at all times, not just remembering the words, but living through them. However, this can be a difficult task for even the most reverent among us. This modern world with its onslaught of social media and the 24 Hour news cycle keeps us well distracted, while the never ending torrent of advertising keeps fresh temptations in front of us at all times. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions, so here are some tips for keeping the world of God close to your heart

  1. Keep a reflection journal

    This is simple as could be, and even a simple piece of paper and a pen will do. For just 5 minutes every morning when you wake up, jot down a bible verse and how you plan to live through it that day. Then, come back that evening and write for 5 minutes on how well or poorly you did in keeping with that scripture, and talk about how you’ll improve the next day. Read this journal often as possible and you will start to not just know scripture, but live through it

  2. READ the Word

    This one is pretty self explanatory, and can seem quite obvious. Despite that, it is important to mention that you cannot live the word without first knowing the word. There is no particular order you should go in, instead jumping around and looking for the verses and stories that are most relevant to your life. We recommend combining this activity with your journal, first reading the bible and finding a scripture or story that strikes you, and then writing about how you will let it live through you

  3. Use Technology

    Just as too much technology can draw us away from God, so too can modern technology, when used correctly, help bring us closer to God! There are numerous websites and apps available everywhere to help with everything from remembering important and relevant scripture, to conversing the word with fellow believers. This Site is our favorite for keeping the word of God close to your heart.


Author: Jarbucks Staff