How to Find the Right Health Plan for You

COVID-19 has brought to light the need for healthcare reform. In the last few months all throughout the US, citizens are facing hard challenges, highlighting the areas of vulnerability in the healthcare system. More than half of the US population have health coverage through their employer, but with record filings for unemployment, millions of Americans now either find themselves with unaffordable insurance or without health insurance at all, amidst a pandemic.

If you need to insure yourself, you’ll be paying the full cost of the premiums. Because of this, it is common to be concerned about how much it will cost to purchase health insurance for yourself. There are different options and different prices available to you based on the level of coverage you need.


When you’re looking to purchase your own insurance, the process is more complicated than simply selecting a company plan and having the premium payments come straight out of your paycheck every month. Luckily, we’ve made comparing health insurance plans easy. You can now compare insurance plans and get a free quote with this easy online tool.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period is currently underway from Nov 1 – Dec 15. This is the optimal time to review your new healthcare options for 2021, because you are eligible to change or update your current plan, regardless of any life-qualifying events.

Save time and money when you compare insurance quotes for FREE! That’s right for FREE! Our Health Insurance Partner is here to help you find the most affordable healthcare coverage so start comparing quotes today.


Once you figure out what you need and become familiar with the terminology used to describe health insurance plans, your research will naturally become easier. With the number of options available, you can probably find a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

Author: Jarbucks Staff