This Minimalist Skin Routine Can Get You BIG Results

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A minimalist routine means products that can be multipurpose, and not too many so you don’t feel like you’re cluttering your skin or your bathroom. Not only does this routine involve minimal ingredients, the ingredients are multi-functional and can be used for other purposes, and can also be tweaked to curate your skincare to your exact skin.


Cleanse. This one step removes pollution, makeup, dead skin, excess oil, and dirt. Wash your hands. Without touching the dropper to the dry skin, squeeze three full droppers full of cleansing oil on to the face. I put the three drops in my most problematic areas (forehead, chin, right temple). Take a few minutes to rub the oil all around your face in circles. As you continue, you will feel the make-up melt off of your face, the comedones come out of your pores, and the rough patches dissolve into smoothness. Congratulations, you no longer need a makeup remover, or soap cleanser.

Most makeup is water-soluble, but waterproof makeup is oil-soluble. The main ingredients are non-comedogenic meaning that the fatty acid molecules that compose the cleanser are smaller than a human pore and CANNOT clog skin, but can get into the pore, dissolve any obstruction, and rinse out. Go around the face, removing eye makeup last. When you are about done, turn on the hot water and soak a face-cloth in hot water. Squeeze the towel out and drape it over your face, to create a brief steaming experience. This will further open your pores, preparing for the moisturizer. Because the cleanser is pH balanced, there is no need for a toner. Use the cloth to wipe off the cleansing oil.

Put 2-8 drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub it together for a moment to warm. Press (do not smear) the moisturizer into your skin. You can add one capsule of Evening Primrose Oil to this solution because it helps balance hormones and reduces hormonal acne and oil production. After the oil, I also add a layer of pure aloe vera gel straight from the plant. This is totally optional.


Having a solid routine of cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen is essential for your skin’s health. Finding the right combination of these products can address a lot of skin concerns you thought might need fighting with strong actives. This Revolutionary Skincare Product is set to take the world by storm, kicking this simple skincare routine up to the next level!

While great results can be achieved with this routine alone, the product will really put the finishing touches on your most important organ: your skin! Stay radiant, moisturized, and glowing far longer than with just this routine alone.

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Author: Jarbucks Staff