Financially Preparing for Terminal Illness

Discussing ending of life planning with your family is not the easiest subject to broach. However, when faced with the possibility of terminal illness, sitting down to ensure your plan is a must. We’re here to put those thoughts in order.

Term life insurance is the best choice if you don’t have it now. But they will want access to your medical records if you want a decent amount of coverage, and have their people do a light physical with a blood test.  Additional insurance coverage through employer. Some have additional coverage for a nominal fee. Some questions that will impact this: Where will you live, where is end of life care and family or people who can easily support you?  At some point you will need 24 hour care.


You’ll want to research early on the support as the disease progresses and get someone who has a medical POA understand your wishes. This to include: feeding and breathing tube. Then, you need to assign financial POA. Do the other will stuff early on. Only you can assess if your family can care for you, if you can get at home nurses, or if you need 24 hour medical support.

Make sure family members get CPR or basic medical instructions because there are huge chances you will fall or choke. Another consideration is how to make sure you have continued medical insurance and develop a family plan for down the road if you are not earning. Surely support groups have knowledge they can share on how families deal with that level of medical issue.


Author: Sage Valentine